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Incredible Things, Said By Incredible People

Dr. Silverblatt is the most compassionate and caring doctor I have had the privilege of working with. He is always available to talk to and ask him questions regarding health issues. Unlike other doctors I have seen in the past, I truly believe this is a passion for Dr. Silverblatt to heal and comfort and not a business to make money off of his patients. Thank you for being such a wonderful doctor!
Annette J.
Mentor, OH
I came to Dr. Silverblatt exhausted. I cried. I cried in front of this man because I was sure that nothing better could be done for my Hashimotos. My old endo had told me that my numbers "weren't bad" and that any adjustments to my medication might be dangerous. I was overweight, depressed, and felt like I had narcolepsy. Dr. S put me on a completely new medication and he did indeed adjust it. Over and over until my numbers weren't just "not bad"- they were perfect. Today, I feel like someone took chains off of me. I have energy. I am tackling my excess weight and it feels incredibly doable because I'm not exhausted or depressed. I drive 40 minutes from Lakewood to see this guy! That alone would be testimony enough! But how much I have changed for the better under his care is truly remarkable. I'm glad to have somewhere to express my thoughts and thanks. Be well!
Lara M
Mentor, OH
Handwritten note from Larry P., Mentor, OH
"My name is Larry Palmer, I’m 78 years old.  I live in a 3‐bedroom brick ranch house, with a fenced back yard.  My wife and I moved here 10 years ago.  My wife passed away last year.  In 1980 I was diagnosed with a relapsing, remitting M.S.  I have 1 or 2 relapses a year, and only last a few hours.

Last summer I twisted my back and fractured a disc, which was very painful.  My primary care doctor is Dr James H. Silverblatt of Mentor, Ohio.  He has been my doctor for 18 years.  Jim knows more about me than I do.  He was reading about a medicine called Naltrexone, and after a long study, he thought some of the ingredients in Naltrexone may be beneficial to my condition.  I said OK Doc, “Let’s go for it!”

I started taking one Naltrexone 4mg every night before bed.  This was back in February of this year.  After about a week or so, I noticed changes in my movements.  I was able to control my feet.  I was beginning to stand straight up, and I was walking like a normal person.  I started walking around in my house without my cane.  About 3 weeks ago, I was feeling pretty good.  I did something I hadn’t done in 35 years.  I ran.

I ran from my utility room, thru the dining room, thru the kitchen down the hallway, in the bedroom, thru the bathroom into the next bedroom, back to the hallway, thru the kitchen and dining room, to the utility room.  I did it in 8 seconds.  Do I say this is a cure for M. S., no, no, I won’t say that.  I’ll still have M.S. the day they plant me in the ground.  I am enjoying some of the movements I haven’t felt in 30 years.
I am currently changing all of the lightbulbs to L.E.D bulbs which requires me to climb a step ladder.  I could always climb the ladder, but I couldn’t let go to free my hands, so I could not change the bulbs in the ceiling lights.  Last week I changed those bulbs.

I’m not alone in my house, I have “Angie”.  Angie is a 11‐year‐old blind basset hound, she keeps me busy taking care of her.  When I shop, I shop at stores that have electric wheel chairs.  It is easier to load and unload the car now.
Thanks Doc for thinking outside the box and coming up with Naltrexone.  Life is much easier for me."
Larry P.
Mentor, OH
"I used to have a different doctor. I went to see her because my resting heart rate suddenly increased from ~60 BPM to ~100 BPM, and I felt awful. fWith a blood test, she diagnosed me with hyperthyroidism, and told me that my ONLY option was to have my thyroid destroyed with radiation. I stressed about that for maybe a week, and then I told her that I'd been feeling better and asked for another blood test to be sure about it all. She told me that to test again would be a waste of money. I couldn't believe she was actually telling me that it was wasteful to be sure that I needed to destroy part of my body and radiate myself. So I decided I needed a new doctor. I found Dr. Silverblatt on a website put up by crusaders for proper thyroid diagnosis and treatment. He was listed because his patients were happy that he'd successfully treated their thyroid issues with common sense and non-mainstream tactics. When I saw him, he didn't believe blood tests to get more answers was a waste of money, and he did the tests that were needed to get a proper diagnosis: Grave's Disease. It's an autoimmune disorder for which the symptoms are an overactive thyroid. My thyroid wasn't the CAUSE of my problem, and there were non-medical things I could do to try to reverse it. He advised me to eliminate gluten from my diet and suggeseted supplements to improve my digestive health. He wanted to see me every 6 weeks to monitor my progress. I'm happy to report that after a just few months of doing what he told me to, I improved. And today, a year and some months later, I'm fully recovered. I'm even back to eating gluten, but my diet is smarter which makes me feel better overall, thanks to his advice. I don't like to think about what my life would be like if I'd listened to the first doctor. I can't repay Dr. Silverblatt for what he did for me, but I can try to spread the word about him and hopefully help someone else.
Rebecca W.
Mentor, OH
"Dr. Silverblatt is extraordinary.  Throughout my fourteen-year long battle with thyroid disease I have never met an individual more committed to the success of their patients’ health.  Following our
initial appointment and resulting laboratory findings, Dr. Silverblatt was able to determine, within moments, how to treat the various issues I was
facing.  Two weeks into his assigned regimen and I was simply amazed at how much better I felt.  Within a month’s timeframe, I was no longer
falling asleep after resting for five minutes; I have found I am able to
function at a higher capacity with an abundance of energy – an experience I
haven’t had in quite a long time."
Amanda Z
Mentor, OH
“Soon after my long-time family doctor moved out of state I began experiencing bouts of sinus inflammation and debilitating fatigue. For two years I tried and failed to find a physician who could help me feel better. I visited several specialists, undergoing uncomfortable and expensive medical tests. I was advised to try numerous powerful medications that might, at best, alleviate my symptoms with their continued use while exposing me to potentially adverse side effects.
I finally decided to search for an internal medicine practitioner who might be open to a holistic approach to healing. I'm grateful I discovered Silverblatt Medical Associates. The staff are welcoming and helpful. And in Dr. Silverblatt I found a thorough, attentive physician whose expertise I could trust. During my first visit Dr. Silverblatt suggested a gluten-free diet could alleviate my sinus inflammation and debilitating fatigue. I was dubious but after a few days of gluten-free eating my symptoms started disappearing. I am amazed and thankful to feel so well and energetic again. Dr. Silverblatt also provided interesting reading material that's helping me further pursue a personal path to better health.
To anyone seeking the best of both worlds of wellness --- traditional medicine and functional medicine --- I encourage you to visit Silverblatt Medical Associates.”
49-year-old female from Madison, OH
I used the ECP machine after a particularly difficult half marathon race, the 25 or so minutes I was on it, decreased the soreness in my legs in my next day’s work out.  As if I had fast forwarded my recovery an extra day.
28-year-old runner from Perry
In the summer of 2015, I accompanied my daughter to NYC, however, the trip proved to be rather difficult.  We quickly found that I could hardly walk more than a city block without stopping to catch my breath and climbing more than a flight of stairs caused tightness and chest pain.  These symptoms were by no means new but had become worse.  I had been telling doctors at Cleveland Clinic about them for 2-3 years but they were blown off as “signs of aging”.  Upon returning home, I saw Dr. Silverblatt, who insisted I have an angioplasty as soon as possible.  A couple of weeks later, two stents were put in place.  The surgeon, however, explained that not all the blockage could be fixed due to the fact that some arteries were too small.  I felt somewhat better, but my symptoms remained whenever I exerted myself.
Dr. Silverblatt mentioned that I’d be a good candidate for External Counter Pulsation Therapy.  He explained what is was and suggested I view some videos.  I was impressed with what I saw and agreed that it was worth a try.  In truth, the first sessions didn’t enthuse me.  ECP seemed strange and I felt some pain in my legs.  It made me wonder how I would ever manage 35 sessions.  Dr. Silverblatt and his staff promised to make me comfortable…and they did.  It was a commitment, but I really wanted to feel better.  About halfway through the sessions, I felt more energetic.  By the end of 30 sessions, I felt wonderful.  A week later, I was in Boston and walked over two miles the very first day…something that would have been impossible only 4 months earlier.  Two weeks later, I completed my last ECP sessions and feel better than I’ve felt in years.  ECP is something I would highly recommend.  It’s definitely worth a try and I’m very grateful to Dr. Silverblatt and his staff, Erin and Mrs. Silverblatt, for all their help and encouragement.  Additionally, because ECP has enabled me to increase my physical activity, my LDL is noW 113.  Last year at this time it was 163…a big improvement and WITHOUT statins.
68-year old female from Mentor, OH

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